Çiğköftem, with its hundreds of branches in many countries, is a brand that offers vegan-vegetarian products with the principle of producing high quality goods and the mission of being a source of happiness for its customers by transforming the natural riches into healthy and accessible foods.

As a member of the European Vegetarian Union, Çiğköftem does not use in its products additives like bouillon, stabilizers, thickeners, etc.

Çiğköftem has crowned its achievements in the international arena with such awards as;

*2014-Germany: “Best Entrepreneur of the Year (Dealership Chain)”

*2017-Turkey: “UFRAD (International Franchising Association) Opening Abroad Award”

*Belgium 2016 & 2019: “Outstanding Taste Award" from International Taste & Quality Institute”

Çiğköftem family, which offers delicious, healthy, and natural products, continues to grow by offering a profitable and enjoyable business opportunity with its franchise system…